Privacy Policy

Zenith Arabia AI collects personal data through two primary methods: 1st Party Data and Cookies. 

1st Party Data Collection – Zenith Arabia AI collects personal data directly from the users through the registration process on its website. This includes information such as the user’s full name and email address. The collection of 1st Party Data is essential for completing the registration process and enhancing the overall user experience. 

2nd Cookies – In addition to 1st Party Data, Zenith Arabia AI employs cookies to indirectly collect personal data when users visit the website. These cookies enable the platform to gather information about user behavior, preferences, and interactions with the site. This data is utilized to improve the website’s functionality, tailor content to user preferences, and enhance overall user satisfaction. 

By combining 1st Party Data and information obtained through cookies, Zenith Arabia AI aims to provide a personalized and seamless experience for its users while maintaining the privacy and security of their personal information. Users can refer to the Privacy Policy for detailed information on how their data is handled, stored, and used to ensure transparency and compliance with privacy regulations. 

The data that will be collected and the purpose of collecting it 

1-First Personal data that will be collected – User’s full name, Email, Mobile Number, Company Name 

2-Purpose of collecting personal data – Personal data is collected in order to follow up on any inquiries, suggestions, or complaints submitted by the user, as well as marketing campaigns on media and email. 

3-Data Collection Methods – The data that the data subject provides to the Website is collected through registration, and no personal data is collected from any other party. 

Your personal data is collected indirectly through cookies that are collected when you visit the Website (cookies).  

4-Use of Personal Data – Personal data is used for the purposes of completing the registration process and improving the beneficiary’s experience. 

5-Storage and Destruction of Personal Data – Personal data is stored inside Zenith Arabia AI servers, and these servers are protected with the best technologies in accordance with the policies and controls of the National Authority for Cybersecurity and international standards in order to prevent non-authorized entry and reduce cyber risks, and then the data will be destroyed within 3 years from the date of its storage in a secure manner, through which it cannot be viewed or retrieved again, according to the policies of the National Information Center. 

6-Legal basis for collecting and processing personal data – The collection and processing of personal data is based on the consent of the personal data subject, and the personal data subject can revoke his/her consent to the collection and processing of his/her personal data at any time unless there is another legal basis, and to do so, he/she can contact the Data Management Office of Zenith Arabia AI. 

Rights of the Personal Data Subject 

1-Right to access personal data – The personal data subject has the right to request a copy of his/her personal data, via the e-mail, and it will be provided to them -free of charge- within [seven working days] by e-mail. 

2-Right to rectify personal data – The personal data subject has the right to request the correction of his/her personal data that he/she deems inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete, via the contact form and it will be reviewed and updated within [seven working days], and the data subject will be notified by e-mail. 

3-Right to destroy personal data – The personal data subject has the right to request the destruction of his/her personal data in certain circumstances, unless there is a legal text specifying a specific period of retention or contractual requirements. 

4-Right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data – The personal data subject can withdraw his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data -at any time- unless there are legitimate purposes that require the contrary by contacting us on the contact us form 

Sharing/Exchanging Personal Data 

There is no sharing or exchanging of personal data collected through the Authority’s Website with other parties. 

External Links 

Links to other websites have been provided on Zenith Arabia AI’s Website, taking into account the user’s needs, and Zenith Arabia AI is not responsible for any contents on those websites, nor for any person’s use of them or their proper functioning, or for any problems that may arise from using such websites, and it shall be the user’s responsibility for all of his/her actions while using any of the websites that he/she visits through those links on Zenith Arabia AI’s Website. 

Exercising the rights of the personal data subject 

The personal data subject has the right to request access/ correction/destruction of his/her data by communicating via Zenith Arabia AI Contact Us form. 

Complaints and Inquiries 

In the event that there are complaints or inquiries related to the privacy policy or dealing with personal data, contact the Website management via the following e-mail: 

Privacy Policy Updates 

The Website management reserves the right to add or change any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy, and the Website’s management will notify the data subject of that, and the Website’s management has the right to terminate the account of the data subject if the data subject does not accept any change in the Privacy Policy. 

The Arabic language is the approved language in the application of the terms and conditions, and in the event of a dispute arising in the interpretation of any text mentioned in any other language, the text written in the Arabic language shall prevail. 

Management of the Authority’s Website 

The authority supervising the Website is: Zenith Arabia AI.

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