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Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience. SmartAssist, an end-to-end, AI-Native contact center cloud/premise solution is powered by our partner’s Platform, the market leader in enterprise conversational AI platforms.

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Professional Flow Designer

Create unique and seamless experiences for your customers using the user-friendly visual designer provided by Smart Assist. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, designing personalized encounters becomes a breeze. The professional flow designer empowers you to effortlessly craft conversational journeys that captivate and engage your customers, ensuring they receive exceptional assistance at every step.

Optimized Use Case Orchestration

Enhance the overall customer experience by automating, Redirecting, Or routing based on real-time matching of customer queries with the most suitable agent resource. By intelligently orchestrating use cases, Smart Assist streamlines the customer journey, Ensuring that inquiries are efficiently addressed and resolved. This optimization not only saves time for both customers and agents but also maximizes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Omnichannel Continuity

Seamlessly maintain context as customers transition between channels, Creating a frictionless experience that spans across voice, Chat, Email, and other digital touchpoints. Smart Assist enables omnichannel continuity by synchronizing customer interactions, Preferences, and history, Allowing agents to seamlessly pick up where the conversation left off, Regardless of the channel. This ensures a consistent and personalized journey, Reinforcing customer trust and loyalty.

Advanced Intent Detection

Develop complex conversational flows and use cases with the help of advanced intent detection. Leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Smart Assist accurately understands customer intents, Enabling it to provide relevant and context-aware responses. By accurately interpreting customer queries, Smart Assist delivers a refined conversational experience, Fostering meaningful and effective interactions that drive customer satisfaction

Purposeful Redirection

Optimize the customer experience by implementing purposeful redirection within Smart Assist. By intelligently redirecting interactions based on specific use cases and business rules, You can ensure seamless transitions between channels and departments. For example, Address updates can be directed to the appropriate chat or email channel for optimal outcomes. This purposeful redirection streamlines the customer journey, Reduces friction, and enhances overall satisfaction.

Powerful Dialog Automation

Construct sophisticated dialog flows easily with the intuitive no-code interface of Smart Assist. The powerful dialog automation capabilities empower you to design dynamic and interactive conversations without the need for complex coding or scripting. With features like hold and resume, sub-intents, and entity amends, You can create conversational experiences that adapt to customer needs, Leading to more engaging and personalized interactions.

Enhanced Waiting Experiences

Minimize customer wait times and elevate their waiting experience with virtual queues and callbacks. Smart Assist offers robust capabilities to manage customer queues, Providing proactive updates and personalized engagement during the wait. By leveraging virtual queues and offering callbacks, You can optimize customer wait times, reduce frustration, and create a positive impression even before the conversation begins.

Key Benefits

Empower Agents

Simple Q&A





Empower Agents

Deploy Agent Assist to monitor customer and agent interactions and provide guidance such as task automation, next-best-actions, suggested responses, sentiment analysis, and surfacing information from knowledge bases. With Agent Assist, your agents can focus on providing the best possible service to your customers, without having to worry about the administrative tasks.

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Simple Q&A to Complex Transactions

Ditch the touch-tone based menus and keyword driven chatbots; deploy an intelligent virtual assistant to greet your customers. Deliver self-service automation to resolve all of your customers' needs. virtual assistant is highly intelligent and can learn from each interaction. it provides more accurate and relevant responses over time, and it can even anticipate customer needs and offer proactive support.

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Monitor Agents and Operations

Drive efficiency and optimization, Managers and supervisors can monitor and track agent performance and KPIs and provide real-time assistance to agents handling omnichannel customer interaction to ensure optimal experiences and ensures that customers always receive the best possible service, regardless of which agent they speak to.

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Analyze and Optimize

Automations with deep analytics that provide details on session trends, containment metrics and flow metrics. Managers, supervisors, agents and developers get roles-based dashboard views that provide metrics that matter to them the most. You can use data from customer interactions to identify common customer issues and develop new self-service options to address them

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Flexible Architecture

Meet Your Organizational Needs, Deploy an end-to-end CCaaS solution or leverage specific components to elevate your contact center experience. We offer a variety of deployment options, including on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid. We also offer a variety of pricing options, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

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Transform the Agent Experience

With an intelligent virtual assistant that supports the agent in every conversation, SmartAssist comes with the AgentAssist Desktop. This added feature provides a real-time, AI-powered, intelligent virtual assistant specific for your agents. it easier for agents to do their jobs and provide excellent customer service, and help agents to learn and grow, and to develop new skills.

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Revolutionizing Government Citizen Services with Smart Assist AI

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Reinventing Healthcare with Conversational AI

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Digitizing Customer Journey for Banking Services

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