Inventory Allocation Optimization

No more waste and shortage in your warehouses, we’ve got your back!

Prevent waste and reduce costs using optimization models and scenario analysis, your retail enterprise is facing challenges in managing inventory levels and distribution across its network, such as:

  • High costs due to overstocking or underutilization of warehouse space.
  • Low customer satisfaction due to stockouts, delayed deliveries, or mismatched demand and supply.
  • Inefficient replenishment and allocation decisions due to manual processes, lack of data visibility, or inaccurate inventory allocation in real-time.

What Are We Presenting?

We present a new AI solution for retail industry to you which is built using the technology from Grid Dynamics – a global digital engineering company – and provides enterprise-level digital transformation services such as:

  • Providing end-to-end solutions for supply chain optimization and management using cloud, AI, data, and commerce technologies.
  • Helping large companies optimize hundreds of supply chain and pricing parameters using artificial intelligence, predictive models, and simulations.

Solving complex problems, optimizing business operations, and better serving customers in various industries such as retail, finance, and healthcare.

Exclusive Gains, Get Them Now!

By designing this solution, we leverage Dataiku’s platform for data integration, preparation, exploration, and visualization, as well as Grid Dynamics’ expertise in optimization, and supply chain analytics With our team expertise, we deliver the following benefits for you:

  • Reduced costs: by optimizing inventory levels and warehouse utilization.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: by ensuring product availability, faster deliveries, and better alignment of demand and supply.
  • Enhanced decision-making: by providing real-time insights, predictions, and recommendations for inventory allocation.

Which Data to Be Used:

To provide you with your inventory optimization partner, the solution will use these data resources:

  • Supply nodes (Such as warehouses).
  • Demand nodes (Such as stores).
  • Current supply.
  • Demand forecast.
  • Shipping costs.

Want to know more?

Optimize your warehouses and experience a new world for your retail enterprise with our AI Solution.

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